Mixed Martial Arts Training For Everyone

When martial arts training first became popular in the 70's it was kinda underground. Kung Fu and Karate clubs popped up, there was very little regulation, and it was all about going at it gung-ho! Of course, there were revered Masters who were idolized over here in the West as they were in the East as there are now. While there was a lot wrong with the training back then, safety was not given as much priority as it should have, there was an honesty about it. No-one would have considered suing a teacher over an injury, whereas today an instructor is daft not to take out Public Liability Insurance.

With the abundance of 'no win no fee' solicitors, insurance is essential as is a keen understanding of risk assessment and Health and Safety issues. An instructor cannot be rash in pushing students too far and certainly not beyond what is safely achievable. In the early days pushing students was par for the course.

While a litigious society has it's own issues, the need for insurance and regulation is an indication of great progression in ensuring martial arts training is safe and suitable for people from all walks of life, man or woman, adult or child. As such martial arts training is thriving in its many guises. A prospective student has an almost overwhelming choice in most cities and towns. There are the traditional martial arts usually offering very structured training with a lot of emphases placed on the precise form. Then there are the sport-oriented options which range from the extremely technical Brazilian Ju Jitsu on the floor to the chaotic Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxing gloves are a key part of MMA training.

Of course, there are many options between these extremes. Almost all traditional arts have a sporting element, which varies in the degree of relevance. Some competitions are little more than a glorified game of 'tag,' albeit a very skillful, athletic version. While others, like kickboxing and Muay Thai, allow much more contact in competition with flat out full contact often the norm.

Despite this variety, it should be noted that there is a risk of knockout in all but the very limited contact tournaments, it is a contact sport after all. This should not put anyone off as tournaments are not compulsory while they and regular training are no more dangerous than playing football or rugby, sports that are long established and considered safe. Learn more at this website!

Also, there are, of course, schools offering strictly self-defense oriented martial arts training, which is considered 'reality based,' a bit of a misnomer as all martial arts, by definition should be! However, this is another stream of martial arts training available.

Whether you want something historically traditional, sporting or self defense based there is martial arts training available for your requirements. Take the time to do your research and try out a couple of classes; often you can get a trial lesson free!